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Is it Necessary to Have Sex Daily after Marriage to Get Pregnant?

When you decide to get pregnant, it is normal to wonder about how frequent you should have sex in order to conceive.  But, is it must you have sex every day to conceive? This is a question that bothers most women that have never had a baby in the past. People have different views regarding the link between the frequency of sex and pregnancy. Therefore, most women or las vegas asian escorts that want to conceive for the first time are easily confused.

Whether you have tried to get pregnant before or this is your first time, it’s important that you understand the process of conceiving. Your focus should be on the best time to have sex so that you can conceive.  Here are some facts about pregnancy that you should know to determine how frequently you should have sex to get pregnant.

Have Sex More Often to Get Pregnant

Some people argue that if a woman wants to get pregnant, she should refrain from frequent sex to allow her ova an opportunity to build up. However, this is not true. Generally, the more sex you have, the higher your chances of conceiving. Currently, infertility rate among couples is increasing at an alarming rate. Among the reasons cited for this is that many couples are not having enough sex. When trying to get pregnant, it’s advisable that you have intercourse with your man as often as possible. This is particularly important during ovulation.

Sex during Ovulation Increases Chances of Getting Pregnant

Knowing your fertility cycle is one of the best ways to ensure that you get pregnant quickly. If you know when the necessary changes for pregnancy occur in your body, you can easily tell when you have the highest chances of getting pregnant. Having sex close to the date of your ovulation improves the chances of pregnancy significantly. For women that experience an average monthly cycle of 28 days, having sex about 12 to 16 days after the start of the last period is likely to get you pregnant.

So, is it necessary to have sex daily after marriage to get pregnant? Well, there is no guarantee that everyday sex will get your pregnant. Nevertheless, it is recommended that you have sex as often as possible within your fertility cycle. This should be a few days before ovulation, on the day of ovulation, or a day after. According to asian escorts in a marriage, couples are encouraged to have more sex not only for procreation but also to maintain intimacy.



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